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When you have a friend or loved one in Cobb County Jail and are looking for a bail bonding company, there are probably tons of things on your mind. How much will this cost? When can the defendant be released? Where can I find a trustworthy bondsman? Do all bonding companies charge the same amount? We understand that this is a stressful time for you, but rest assured that we will do everything in our power to get your friend or loved one released very quickly.

Here’s a basic rundown of how bail bonds work…

Bail Bonds Near MeWhen your friend or loved one gets arrested, they will be detained by either the local city’s police or by Cobb County PD. The local city jails are usually only used for simple bench warrants for traffic tickets. Almost everyone gets transferred to Cobb County Jail in Marietta, GA.

After the booking process has been completed, the defendant will be allowed access to a phone where they can call friends or loved ones to have them get bonded out of jail. They also have the option to call a bonding company themselves right there from the jail. In Cobb, there is a big sign listing all of the different bondsmen, so they can just pick a bail bonds agency that’s licensed to write bonds for the county right above the phones.

If you get a phone call from the jail in Marietta, you probably won’t have any idea of what to do next unless the defendant says to call a specific bonding corporation. Therefore, you’re online searching for bail bonds near me or something of the sort. Let me tell you this though, you don’t necessarily need to find a bondsman nearest your location. You just need to find one that’s professional enough to walk you through the bonding process in a courteous manner, just like any company should – but doesn’t.

Our Bonding Company’s Promise to Our Customers

Our bonding company’s promise is the following:

We promise to help anyone, regardless of race or religion, day or night, to get their friend or loved one released from jail in a timely manner and to the best of our ability. We will always be professional and polite with our potential clients and promise to give the cheapest rates on bail bonds that we can.

Our Cobb County bonding company’s promise is only valid for qualified cosigners.

Qualifying for Bail Bonds

Writing bail bonds is the easy part, qualifying for them is key. When you get the phone call from an inmate, the first thing you’ll do is search for something like bail bonds near me or something of the sort. I’ll remind you that bonding companies don’t necessarily have to be close to your location to be effective. We’re located in Marietta, very close to the Adult Detention facility on County Services Parkway. We can meet you at the jail, but our company’s office is much more convenient and friendly towards visitors.

Qualifying for bail bonds in Cobb is actually pretty easy, provided you have a job and are a resident of the state of Georgia. If so, you’ll have no trouble meeting our requirements and qualifications to become a cosigner on the bond. Just call us and we’ll explain what you’ll need to bring in to the bonding office. If you’re wondering if you should bail someone out of Cobb or not, just consider how well you know the person. Are they responsible? Are they going to jump bail? Are they going to force the bondsman to hire a bounty hunter? If you don’t know the person well enough or you think they might skip out on bail, I would recommend you not hire a bail bonds service.

Finding a Trustworthy Bondsman

Traditionally, the bail bonds industry has been thought of as ‘shady’ or ‘crooked.’ While that may be true of some bonding companies, ours is a different story. Our team of bondsmen have been working overtime to make sure that our clients get defendants out of jail quickly and that they are 100% satisfied with our services. Being our main bondsman in Cobb, I can assure you that we rigorously screen our staff before hiring to be sure that they have the utmost integrity and professionalism. Just check our reviews online and you’ll see for yourself.

Trust is what we’ve built our bonding company on and its how we’ve continued to thrive in this economy year after year. We don’t cut corners and we never cheat anyone. If you find a better deal on a bond from a different bondsman, we encourage you to go with that corporation instead of ours. We give you our best price right off the bat from the first point of contact. Call us for a quote today and we’ll prove it to you!

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